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Bel's Creative Space!

Bel lives and works in Malta. She's a lover of dynamic media and all things colour. 


“There’s something about our human capacity of changing a blank canvas into an emotional journey which is just exhilarating! My goal is to create and communicate my take on creativity, freedom of expression and beauty."


Bel comes from a Finance turned Graphic design background; hopping from her Bachelor degree in Finance & Marketing to a Graphic Design journey at the Instituto Europeo Design (IED) in Milan. She's worked on a number of exciting design projects over recent years however as much as she loves Graphic Art she loves her off screen creations. 


Bel’s first Art exhibition was in June 2016 at the Civil Service Sports Club, Valletta where she started experimenting with Resin in particular; a gloss like substance which allows for a beautiful water like texture. Throughout recent years she has exhibited in various spaces and her creations have grown to an expansive range of items. Her passion for Art keeps growing and she is constantly experimenting with new colours, materials, shapes and sizes. 

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